Dish: Alcoholic beet candy.

Piece of art: The vanguard breaks all the rules, even the most basic. “You don’t accept candies from strangers” thus becomes an invitation to question your instincts, your tastes, overcoming the simple dichotomy of like-dislike. If you want to live this experience to the fullest you have to trust and let yourself be carried away: be Bros’

Artist: Wayne Santana is an Italian trap star, who with his musical group, the “Dark Polo Gang” (composed of him, Tony Effe and Dark Pyrex), changed the history of Italian pop culture, blowing up the trap in the country . Born in 1991, now he is starting all over again, and he does so by releasing the second volume of an album, “Ginger Juice”, which was already a challenge when it came out in 2016.