Dish: Egg yolk, fish eggs, almonds and sparkling cucumarazzu.

Piece of art: The work she presents is a still life image inspired by some of the ingredients of Bro’s new dish. She decided to explore just a few elements of the recipe: the egg, the salmon roe, the watermelon and the cucumber, which is the most discreet in the photo, represented with a green gel in the eggshell. She wanted to create a delicate and sensual composition, as well as embrace the tension with the accidental and the unexpected, the strangeness and the beauty.

Artist: Cynthia Mai Ammann (born 1993) currently lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland as a freelance photographer. In both her commissioned and personal projects, she constructs her images with a particular attention to emotions. Through storytelling, her artistic practice mainly reflects on the notions of identity and change with an approach that oscillates between fiction and documentary.