Dish: Pork lard preserved in anchovy salt and bread.

Piece of art: He voluntarily played with the concept of what a poem is. He refers to himself as if he had passed over the sky and realizing the visual joy that had quickly led to the idea of ​​the trompe l’oeil. A bread that is not bread. Marinated lard with anchovies. A lemon that may not be. A mushroom that may not be; a poem that is nothing.

Artist: Enrique Cervantes is a Spanish actor and writer. At the age of nineteen he moved from Cadiz to Madrid to study at the Royal School of Dramatic Art and train in interpretation. Since then he has continued to develop as an interpreter by having the opportunity to be part of the cast of the National Dramatic Center on two occasions and by participating in projects in some of the most important theaters in Madrid.