Dish: Grilled tomato skewer, oregano and flowers.

Piece of Art: The video is made in an American horror story intro style. Druga decided to recall elements such as the negative review that Bros’ “burns at the stake” together with elements of the assigned dish such as its strong, concentrated taste, its red color, the flowers and the spit on which it is served. All represented with a language of suggestions and cinematic according to a dreamlike and evocative mood. 

Among faceless black figures, a young and beautiful redhead stands out, with a red dress, who proceeds to a stake. She is tied up and burned alive by those who … do not know that they are making her immortal.

Artist: DRUGA (@drugaalfieri) director and art director music video and cinema.

  • Costumes made by Karol Cordelia, Cordella Institute.
  • Scenography made by Alessandra Schilardi, Vito Schirardi
  • Actress, Jasmine Carrisi
  • Solver, Valerio bonetti
  • Operator, Angelo Gennari