Dish: Iced tamarind meringue

Piece of art: From the beginning, she used her imagination to feel the taste of this recipe and  asked herself, what would it be if that taste was a sculpture made in fine silver?

That jewelry piece is an oversized ring which refers to tamarind trees. From the outside of the piece, she used the silver as something very soft and fragile and you can see the light going through the silver like the light of the sun goes through the clouds. And from inside she used an acid to make the metal be completely black that made the contrast with the other side.

Artist: Giulia D’Avenia comes originally from Lugano (Ticino), but she has spent almost her entire life in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is a jeweller since 2009, based in Lausanne. Her work it’s spontaneous, punk and experimental. She loves to work full of different techniques from the fine jewelry school, to a new style. She calls it «ignorant jewelry». For now, she is exploring to follow her intuition and feeling and to give them a shape, so most of the pieces became step by step more sculptures than wearable jewelry.