Dish: Rancid butter ice cream, freeze-dried fruit and flowers.

Piece of art: The print is a linocut composed of various images. The main part is a collage of flowers from google image, all different in terms of graphics and origin. Another form, a rediscovered component of an unknown object, appears as an anthropomorphic figure trapped in a wheel, like a panoptic, which is repeated in three different configurations. Three partially hidden asterisks indicate classic opposition to police and state violence. Below is the Jamaican national motto calling for diversity and unity, as represented by flowers.

Artist: Inner Light is a collective that works around printing and fabrics. Bringing together four members (Eliott Villars, Gaia Vincensini, Kim Coussée and Sherian Mohammed) who each bring their own artistic practice, Inner Light serves as a platform for transdisciplinary exchange and research on alternative materials, production and self-organization.