Dish: Wheat inoculated with koji, pecorino and basil.

Piece of art: Wheat, goat cheese and basil took us straight to a hot day in the country, where we can stop to take a deep breath and reset. We want to show in a short image-video sequence the movement of our belly when we breathe deeply. If you stop to think and try, it’s not easy, we forgot to breathe. The plastic covering the images functions as anything that oppresses our breathing, full of burnt toxic holes and notes reminding us what to do to rewind; but in the end it’s just writing on the plastic. 

We’ve forgotten to breathe. 

Here we leave you with this tutorial.


  • Sandra Alba Cordón, 26 years old, spanish director and protographer. Graduated in Dramatic Art and Film Direction. I could describe myself but I have so many clothes to iron.
  • Luana D’Amico, 27 years old, graphic designer and art director. Graduated in Graphic Design. No rules but straight lines.