Dish: Chicken livers, black banana. We wanted to approach the flavor and texture of foie gras, but in an ethical way and with a new, aerated texture.

Piece of art: A geometric solid in the center of the work around which a black mouth with soft shapes and sharp fangs closes. The red of the blood for the liver, the yellow of the paper for the banana and the black of the coffee and chocolate are the colors I used to represent the ingredients of the recipe. Italian tradition and technique, solid forms of American minimalism and the aesthetics of Japanese cartoons that I saw as a child coexist in the drawing for Bros’, trying to marry the philosophy of the restaurant.

Artist: Luca Loreti (1990) graduated in Painting from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Milan. In 2021 he published his first IO comic published by King Koala Press. It is present in the volume The Coloring Book, 150 drawings by contemporary artists, edited by Rossella Farinotti and Gianmaria Biancuzzi published by 24 Ore cultura.